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MANOU was founded in 2021 by fashion designer Manou van den Berg. 

She studied Fashion Design at The Art school of Willem de Kooning academie in Rotterdam.

Dutch culture is an essential part of Manou’s work.

She explores the mundane everyday life in the Netherlands with clothing and looks for undiscovered shapes and ideas within that. 

In every collection she uses vintage and dead-stock materials, this way she minimises the impact her work has on the environment. 

Despite the mundane inspirations of her collections, she looks for current and contemporary clothes that in a way will romanticise the everyday. 

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MANOU produces everything in their own studio located in Eindhoven NL.

materials are 90% Deadstock or vintage. We do not hold a lot of stock and often make only what is ordered. Pre-Orders take a bit of time and it can be discussed to make minot adjustments for more informatie:

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